BS Technic, a brand of BS Group, is a technical service and consultancy company established in IZMIR in 2013 for the purpose of sharing our more than 20 years of experience in tobacco and cigarette sector with our customers, improving their production processes in their tight schedules and providing professional support enabling them to reach their objectives.

Our team has a unique and large multinational staff which blends many corporate cultures (JTI-PMI-BAT-IMP) within its organization. With its management team, consultants, instructors, expert technicians and experienced operators, it consists of more than 110 staff members serving full-time or cyclically.

We have been serving different global and local tobacco-cigarette companies in many countries for more than 7 years and care to continue our service quality increasingly every passing day.

As founder Bilal Sinecen, a tobacco professional who worked on floor and in management positions in RJR and JTI for 20 years

  • Operator/Maker Mechanic/Technician
  • Production Specialist (maker-packer)
  • Production Shift Coordinator
  • Technical Training Manager @ JTI Global Training
  • Production Manager @ JTI Nigeria

Bilal Sinecen
Founder and General Manager

BS Technic
Become the most recognized and reliable service partner in global tobacco business.
Continuously improve effectiveness, enhance talent pool and product portfolio.
Hard work, know-how transfer, creativity, cultural diversity, integrity and business ethics
  • Deliver added value and maximal efficiency
  • Provide world class service and material quality
  • Full customer satisfaction with reasonable cost
  • Fully observe policies, sensitivities and IP rights of clients
  • Agility and flexibility in line with customer urgencies.