BS Technic Corporation


Maintenance and spare part management
Project management
Process Improvement

  • Tobacco yield, rejects, DIM waste, 5S coaching etc.
Cost minimization, HC and layout optimization
Project feasibility studies
Support for Capex projects

Production / Operational Support

Provide operators, technicians, electricians and experts
Short or long term
Quality, efficiency, low rejects

  • Capacity increase
  • Market demand growth
  • Understaffed factory
  • Produce for stock
  • Vacation period

Technical Support / Performance Improvement

Provide specialist support with
Machine and process experts

  • Improvement needs analyses
  • Expert troubleshooting
  • KPI Improvement
  • Product quality issues
  • Size and format changes
  • Conversions on site
  • Support new product projects
Sustainable solutions

BS Technic Corporation


All cigarette maker, packer, filter and handling machines
Experienced mechanic and electric specialists
Partner support for specific tasks e.g. automation
Own workshop – BS Machine

Maintenance & Overhauls

Ensure high machine reliability and good condition
Implement periodic maint. as per OEM catalogues

  • E.g. 750 h/1500 h/3000 h/6000h/9000 h
Planned maintenance as per mc. condition inspection
Tailored maintenance packages with KPI commitment
Subassembly rebuild
Machine overhauls

Machine Installation & Relocation

Dismantling and disassembly of machines and equipment
Boxing/packing for overseas transportation
Installation as per layout and standards
Layout support as needed

  • with good to sell product output or with KPI commitment

BS Technic Corporation

Machine Training

English speaking trainers
Less theory more practice

  • Training requirements analyses
  • Operator training
  • Mechanic training
  • Electric/electronic training
  • Advanced tailored training
  • Mini classes on specific assemblies
  • On the job training
  • Coaching, buddy training